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Dating App Tracking Wearable Clothes

Dating App Tracking Wearable Clothes

Dating App Tracking Wearable Clothes

Ever see someone in the store, walking by, or sitting in a car at a red light that you would love to meet, but the opportunity passes you by? Well, then, here’s an invention for you. You can connect with that offline person through the person’s online profile.

Making the hook up possible is GPS indicator technology.

A new location-based mobile dating app called Bumpurr has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a wearable offline GPS indicator that is embedded in the label of clothing.

The provisional application established the October 6, 2015, filing date, but the filing does not become an issued patent until Bumpurr files a non-provisional patent application within one year. A provisional patent gives the company time to complete its patent claims, inventors’ oath of declarations, and information disclosure statement.

The company has received a trademark for the Bumpurr brand, including its name and logo.

Jet Wintzer, founder of the New Brunswick, New Jersey, location-based GPS-guided mobile dating app/streetwear line, says its unique offline GPS transmitter logo will be embedded in the company’s own line of streetwear clothing and accessories.

Wintzer explains, “When a member of the Bumpurr community wears a product embedded with the logo while logged into the app on their GPS enabled mobile phone, the logo transforms the online digital GPS beacon emitting from the user’s handset into an offline GPS indicator.”

When a passing stranger has an offline encounter with a Bumpurr user wearing the company’s branded apparel or accessories, the stranger can visit the Bumpurr app, join the social network and create a profile. Next, the person conducts a GPS perimeter search for app members logged on or nearby to find the Bumpurr user of interest.

By hitting the bump button, a notification is sent to the Bumpurr user’s phone, giving the individual access to the new member’s newly created profile. If the recipient bumps back, both phones send an instant alert for the match and the individuals can begin chatting.

There are no restrictions to where encounters may take place. It might be on a subway, with the dating app user wearing a ski cap with the Bumpurr logo, or the person waiting in line next to you at a takeout restaurant wearing a Bumpurr jacket. As long as the Bumpurr logo is present, it can be tracked using the GPS perimeter search on the dating app.

Bumpurr users also can do a general search for logged on members near them or so many miles away. When a match is made, the Bumpurr eye contact feature opens, along with text chat.

The eye-to-eye dating technology eliminates misleading profiles or fake identifications so members can feel safe and comfortable meeting other users in person or revealing intimate details about themselves.

Usually, dating sites and other location-based mobile dating apps limit potential suitors by connecting members only with other members of its service. But the patent application makes Bumpurr the first with technology that instantly connects members of an online mobile dating app to offline non-members.

Bumpurr expects to launch is streetwear and accessories line in 2016. With its tagline, “Making eye contact in a digital world,” Bumpurr is making plans to pre-launch a sign-up app and release a promotional film.

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