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Our Process

Phone Interview

When initially contacting Lonestar Patent Services, a member of our Invention Assessment...

Office Meeting
2. Office Meeting

Upon arriving at our offices for your scheduled meeting, you’ll be presented with our...

Invention Analysis
3. Invention Analysis

Lonestar Patent Services will pay the cost to have a team of highly experienced Invention...

Plan of Action
4. Plan of Action

After the completion of the Invention Analysis, if it's decided that your product idea is...

Invention Design
5. Invention Design

Our 3D and 2D illustrator solutions enable our invention designers to quickly transform...

2D/3D Illustrations
6. 2D/3D Illustrations

With powerful visualization and modeling software, we can create brochure-ready...

Invention Engineering
7. Invention Engineering

Our advanced new product design, development and R&D drafting intelligence are the...

Patent Protection
8. Patent Protection

We employ the services of some of the very best U.S. registered patent attorneys to represent...

Market Research
9. Market Research

We research, gather and organize information about the specific target markets and all...

Manufacturers Search
10. Manufacturers Search

With the assistance of Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and other resources, we utilize...

Invention Brochures
11. Invention Brochures

Once all the invention development work is completed, we prepare and print 100 color...

Licensing & Royalties
12. Licensing & Royalties

After the completion of the Invention Analysis, if it's decided that your product idea is...

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Hoodie Baby Carrier Cover
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2-In-1 Whisk
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Adjustable Laptop Table
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Audio Light Bulb
Audio Light Bulb
Experience music in your home like never before with these audio light bulbs! They fit int ...
Bag Re-Sealer
Bag Re-Sealer
Maintain the freshness of your chip bags and other packet foods with this bag re-sealer! T ...
Banana Slicer
Banana Slicer
This banana slicer allows your to have perfect, even pieces in seconds! It’s easy to use ...
Book Reader
Book Reader
Your children will fall in love with storybooks when they have their very own book reader! ...
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