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Solar Charger Lets You Power Your Phone From the Sky

Solar Charger Lets You Power Your Phone From the Sky

Solar Charger Lets You Power Your Phone From the Sky

As connected as we all are to our various mobile devices, it seems impossible that outlets aren’t a standard feature up at 30,000 feet (especially when you can still often find ashtrays). Travel is stressful enough without having to worry whether you’ll have access to a charging port, and now, you can prevent your phone from dying on a plane, train, or automobile with a special charger that can be used anywhere there’s sunlight.

This power-up device is able to harness solar power using solar panels that are embedded into a small suction cup that can be affixed to most windows. The 4.5 volt, 0.4 watt solar panel charges an internal 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. The battery, which can also be charged through traditional means when the sun’s down, offers phones up to a 40 percent battery increase. The cable comes with four different plugs, so it’s compatible with most smartphones. LED lights that flash blue and green let you know when it’s charging and when it’s powered up.

Obviously, this isn’t the ifree patent search external charger, but it’s great for emergencies and long plane rides. You can grab one on Amazon, where it’s conveniently on sale.

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