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This intelligent night light is killing it on Kickstarter

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Aug 18, 2017 This intelligent night light is killing it on Kickstarter

Smart home tech is having a moment, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. T ...

Aug 13, 2017 Beat the cold with the PolarSeal heated sports pullover

Cold winter months make it hard to stay active outside. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunatel ...

Aug 6, 2017 The Ultimate Boob Sweat Buster is Here, and It’s Spectacular!

That dreaded boob sweat. It happens to the best of us, particularly during these crazy hot ...

Aug 5, 2017 A new device could make washing machines lighter and greener

A simple device to cut the weight of washing machines could save fuel, cut carbon emission ...

Jul 30, 2017 This pocket-sized air purifier will un-stink your car

Ah, the new car smell. So refreshing. So pure. So ripe with promise. And yet, so fleeting. ...

Jul 14, 2017 New Invention Puts the Power of Static in Your Pocket

For most people, static electricity is a mildly painful nuisance. However, engineers in re ...

Jul 6, 2017 Glasses-free holographic phone will take on iPhone in 2018

Forget the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8. RED, the company that makes professional digital ca ...

Jun 25, 2017 This slim iPhone case uses ‘smart material’ to shield your phone like a tank

If you want to make your phone nearly impervious to dings and dents and cracked screens, o ...

Jun 17, 2017 These solar panels can literally pull clean drinking water out of thin air

Our atmosphere contains approximately 3,100 cubic miles of water — enough to cover the e ...

Jun 10, 2017 Roomba creator wants to do for gardens what he did for your floors

Let’s be honest: while planting your garden can be fun, weeding it usually isn’ ...

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