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Dating App Tracking Wearable Clothes

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Oct 26, 2015 Dating App Tracking Wearable Clothes

Ever see someone in the store, walking by, or sitting in a car at a red light that you wou ...

Oct 23, 2015 Apple’s No Shattered Displays Screen Protectors

Dropping your iPhone on the floor is the one of the most common and dreadful nightmares fo ...

Oct 9, 2015 US Patent Search Shows Big Jump in Facebook Patents

Judging by the patent filings by Facebook, it looks like the social networking company is ...

Oct 8, 2015 Apple Granted 54 New Patents by USPTO

Wow, talk about some major inventing going on. In just one day, Apple was granted 54 paten ...

Oct 4, 2015 9 Bitcoin Patents that Could Make Currency

Talk about the popular kid in school. Winning the patent popularity contest this month is ...

Oct 1, 2015 Forget Smart Watches, Apple is Working on a Smart Ring!

Wearables or wearable gadgets have been on the rise for quite some time now, Apple, a long ...

Sep 25, 2015 Get Ready for Cryptocurrency

You’re probably asking, what the heck is cryptocurrency? Well, its definition isn’t in ...

Sep 18, 2015 Toyota Takes Big Step Closer to Making a Flying Car

For those wishing they could fly over traffic congestion, you might just get your wish in ...

Sep 15, 2015 Think Strategy When Deciding How to File a Patent

Provisional patent versus non-provisional patent. Applying in the U.S. only versus in othe ...

Sep 11, 2015 Google Makes Patent Search Less Embarrassing

What do you get when you combine sex with technology? Sex tech, of course! And with it com ...

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