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Is 3D Multicolor Printing Up Next for Apple?


Dec 18, 2015 Is 3D Multicolor Printing Up Next for Apple?

A US patent search reveals the direction Apple may be taking for its next new invention wi ...

Dec 11, 2015 USPTOs All in STEM Campaign Aimed at Women

If you take a sampling of patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ...

Dec 5, 2015 Are Patents the New Moneymaker for Automakers?

For auto manufacturers, the main focus always will be designing and building cars. But the ...

Dec 2, 2015 Google Glass 2.0 Modified to a Monocle

It looks like Google isn’t giving up on Google Glass after all. A US patent search finds ...

Nov 27, 2015 Mars Files Patent to Improve the Look of Chocolate

Have you ever noticed the white scuff marks on the glossy finish of a candy bar or confect ...

Nov 25, 2015 Nike Competitor Aims to Boost Revenues With New Patent

POINT 3, a sports apparel company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, hopes to take on the ...

Nov 24, 2015 Did Google Promotion Keep Patent Trolls Away?

Google’s experimental program to keep patents away from patent trolls had impressive res ...

Nov 13, 2015 U.S. Patent Office Opens Office in Dallas

That big cheer you heard coming out of Texas on Monday, November 9, was from inventors exp ...

Nov 11, 2015 Allstate Creates Virtual Bobblehead for Safe Driving

Bobbleheads – either you love them, or you hate them. Allstate is hoping you love them b ...

Nov 3, 2015 Patent Corners Market on Silkworm Skin Care

We all know how smooth and luxurious silk is and now, thanks to a new invention, we can ha ...

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