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Intellectual Property Law In the Film & Computer Industry

Intellectual Property Law In the Film & Computer Industry

Intellectual Property Law In the Film & Computer Industry

The state of California is home to our nation’s film capital as well as many of our well known technology companies, such as Apple and Google.  Both of these industries need protection to keep their ideas and concepts from being marketed and reused by others.

The film industry requires a unique set of Intellectual Property (IP) laws.  In addition to the rights to their films, there are specific rights in place that select a time when certain media is used to view the film. These rights are set in place before the movie is even released for theatrical viewing.  For example, when a movie is released, it is set to appear in theaters for a set amount of time. This can run from six to twenty-four months.  After this time period, the DVD industry exercises their rights to sell copies of the movie from six to twenty-four months after the movie’s release.  From there, pay television rights are in place and movies may be viewed twelve to thirty-six months after the original movie release. Finally, after twelve to forty-six months, the movie may appear on free television.  Each of these phases requires a preordained right to the movie.


In the case of technology companies, such as the industry leaders located in Silicon Valley, there is a need to protect ideas, processes and designs. In order to stay at the cutting edge of technology in a very competitive industry, it is crucial that every concept is protected under the Intellectual Property umbrella.  This may include technical drawings and designs, software applications, to something as simple as a logo. There may be multiple patents on a single item.  For example, the iPhone currently holds 200 patents, with many other patents pending on future technologies.

While the film and technology industries are only two examples of the importance of Intellectual Property, all businesses or individuals require protection of their original ideas and concepts.  This ensures they are properly receiving monetary credit and that there are legal ramifications if the original ideas and concepts are being used without permission of the patent holder.

Due to advancing technologies in the past twenty years, the IP umbrella has had to expand to provide protection on a various array of designs and concepts.  While these waters may be difficult to navigate, it is important to have proper knowledge of the correct type of Intellectual Property needed for any business or individual with concepts to protect.

Let LoneStar Patent Services guide you in every step of the way to ensure that your valuable concepts are protected under the full extent of the Intellectual Property laws.

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