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Your Desktop A Giant Responsive Display

Your Desktop A Giant Responsive Display

Your Desktop A Giant Responsive Display

Sony’s Future Lab Program has a concept prototype that can turn your otherwise lame desk — or pretty much any flat surface — into a huge, interactive display.

At Wednesday’s Sony press event ahead of International CES, the Future Lab Program shared Concept Prototype T, a projector with a laser light source that displays images that actually respond to touch.

The projector also recognizes hand movements and the shapes of items — a book, for example — that might be on a user’s desk or tabletop. It uses this information to integrate interactive imagery with the physical objects already present in its projection field.

Sound confusing? Thankfully, there’s a demo:

As for the concept prototype’s potential applications, Sony’s release keeps it vague: “T, used with tables and objects, can be widely applied across a variety of fields, including edutainment, creation, and business presentations.”

It plans to make developer kits available to those looking to build around this technology.

In other words, is it semi-useless? Maybe for now, but it sure is fun to play with.

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